Have you completed your Census?

          Make sure you are counted, Boston Dear Bostonian, Time is running out to participate in the U.S. 2020 Census. This once-in-a-decade opportunity will determine the amount of elected representatives Boston will have, how legislative districts will be formed, and the amount of federal funding we will receive for crucial services […]

Virtual Community Meeting on YouTube

Good Morning Everyone,In addition to the public calendar, you can now view recordings of all BBBHFKMH MONS-hosted virtual abutter’s and community meetings on my youtube channel. As always, constituents are able to participate in the community process until the date of a scheduled hearing by reaching out to me.Click here to subscribe.Be safe.Shanice– Shanice PimentelNeighborhood […]

City of Boston update 8.12.20

Good afternoon all,I hope you are all well and safe. Things continue to be turbulent, but we will also continue to do what we can to keep moving forward. In light of the continuously changing circumstances, I have created a public calendar which will list any future confirmed ONS-hosted abutters and community meetings for Back […]

Update from State Rep Jay Livingstone 8.7.20

Dear Neighbors and Friends,  Last week was a very busy week for the legislature. We voted everyday on multiple bills that were of huge importance. Not only did the House pass meaningful legislation on Economic Development, Healthcare, and Climate Change but both the Senate and the House voted to extend formal session in order to […]