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The ancient Greeks knew that great memories were made and lively conversations were sparked when people gathered around delicious food and drink. Fast forward to 2017, where people are starved for time—but still have a craving for the rich, flavorful recipes of Greece. Now there’s a restaurant that unites the old world with the new and allows today’s fast-moving generation to enjoy the ethnic food they love—minus the wait.
Introducing Gre.Co, the everyday eatery that serves slow-cooked delicacies and hand-crafted desserts for life on-the-go. It’s the best of both worlds—the convenience of street cart food made with the high standards of a gourmet Greek chef.
You don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself to a taste of Greece. Whether it’s lunch, dinnertime, or a quick bite in between, drop in to our open, modern eatery and discover a fresh new take on Greek fare. We provide the fresh, farm-raised ingredients—you decide how it all comes together. Start fresh baked pita or plate. Add in your choice of slow-roasted, organic meats. Bring some zing with tzatziki, spicy whipped feta or another Greece sauce. And finish off your meal with legendary Loukoumades, homemade Greek fried doughnuts, lavished with the velvety, chocolaty, or fruity topping of your choice.
Put in your order, gather with friends, and enjoy a bite at one of our tables. Or get it wrapped and hit the streets with a compact meal that’s easy to enjoy as you walk and shop.
With Gre.Co, an old tradition is reborn; beloved recipes are refreshed; and the concept of fast food is totally redefined.