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Boston Direct Health (BDH) modernizes primary care by working directly with patients and bypassing insurance companies, utilizing a monthly subscription to cover the costs of your primary care doctor. BDH specializes in comprehensive preventative care, integrating functional medicine with traditional allopathic medicine, sexual health, and aesthetic medicine. Dr. Steven Zivich believes that comprehensive preventative care and a close relationship with your doctor is the key to long-term health for patients. Due to our direct primary care model, we are able to spend more time looking into a patient’s nutritional habits, day-to- day stressors, sleep habits, exercise and health metrics, bloodwork, and provide most office-based medical procedures as well as an array of aesthetic services. Dr. Zivich and our team are proud to serve individuals of all ages, genders and sexuality with compassionate, high-quality healthcare. Common medical procedures done in the office at no extra charges include but are not limited to EKG, orthopedic cortisone shots, skin biopsies, stitches for large cuts and lacerations, bedside ultrasound imaging tests and PAP smears.  Aesthetic procedures are performed by Boston Direct Health’s expert injectors utilizing Botox, Restylane, Radiesse and Sculptra, as well as IPL, laser hair removal and Morpheus8 treatments to help clients look as healthy as they feel on the inside.