About Newbury

Newbury Street has become one of the hottest shopping districts in America over the years and promises to bring something unique and special each time you visit. There is no place like Newbury Street. It appeals to all ages and all types.

Enjoy the open-air cafes and assortment of shops. Interesting things are always happening. Join the fun and stroll the street.Newbury Street holds a special place in the heart of Boston and in Bostonians.

With the enchantment of Paris and the excitement of New York, Newbury Street charms millions of residents, tourists, students, and people from all around the world, each year.

Newbury Street in Boston ranks as one of the premiere shopping streets in the entire country. It is a community that encompasses fashion, museum quality art, specialty boutiques, business services, fine dining, and so much more…all set in a historical district with an electric atmosphere. Newbury Street is a destination location that never disappoints the visitor!

The best way to enjoy the rich experience of Newbury Street is to walk the eight blocks beginning at Boston’s beautiful Public Gardens and then proceed along the cross streets that run alphabetically starting with Arlington, and then Berkeley, Clarendon, Dartmouth, Exeter, Fairfield, Gloucester, Hereford, and then Massachusetts Avenue, concluding with Charlesgate.

On the eight blocks that constitute the entire street, you will find an eclectic mix of fashion retailers, fine restaurants, select art galleries and bookstores, hair and beauty salons, furniture stores and luxury spas.

Far from its predominantly residential beginnings, Newbury Street today is a shopping and dining paradise.

Whether you are in search of high fashion or downtown chic, need a new hairstyle or a day of pampering, head to Newbury Street. Nowhere else in the city of Boston do you balance the uptown sophistication of Madison Avenue with the downtown charm of SoHo.