Open Newbury 2019


Business Notification


Join us on Sunday, September 15th, 2019, as the City of Boston will transform Newbury Street into a pedestrian-only walkway. The street will become car-free to allow shoppers, diners and pedestrians to use the full width of the street to create a more pleasurable experience.

When and Where:

September 15th  – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

(parking will be restricted starting at 8am, signs will be posted)

All businesses are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities and make customers aware of the car-free day ahead of time. We encourage customers to utilize public transit, walking, biking, ridesharing and nearby parking garages to come to the event.

Get Involved:

A car-free Newbury Street creates the opportunity for businesses to promote your brand and attract new customers. This can be done by creating special experiences within stores or utilizing new space on the street to promote your business. If you have ideas about new outdoor activities (i.e. additional seating, music, interactive events/promotions) please let us know using the link below. The City of Boston is open to all ideas and would like to help you realize your ideal situation.

The space where cars are typically parked on the street is available to businesses on Newbury Street for activation like additional restaurant seating, sidewalk sales, interactive games/experiences. Collaborations between neighboring businesses are encouraged and the City will notify neighboring businesses about proposed activations.

Notify the City:

All outdoor activities must be cleared with Jacob Wessel from the City of Boston regarding their location and set up. Contact Jacob at   or  310-795-7005

Stay in Touch:

Fill out our digital form at to get updates about the event and let us know how you would like to take part.


Jacob WesselPublic Realm DirectorCity of Boston – Office of the Chief of Streets310.795.7005 (cell)

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