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Amorino is offering a luxury gelato and café experience since 2002 while opening the first store in the heart of Paris on Ile St Louis. In just a few years, Amorino has opened over 100 stores around the world including Paris, Milan and New York.

Its specialty gelato is offered in many flavors and can be enjoyed multiple ways: in a cup, in a focaccina (scone), on a waffle or crepe, or in its signature flower-shaped scoop served on waffle cones. Amorino also offers famous French macaroons, gelato cakes, pastries, sweat breakfast, homemade chocolates, milkshakes, granitas and a large range of Italian and American hot drinks.

Amorino prides itself on having the highest quality of ingredients including free range organic eggs and high grade whole milk and never using artificial colorings or flavors. Popular all-natural flavors include Amaretto, Stracciatella, Tiramisu, Pistachio Verde di Bronte, and Mango Alfonso d’India.